8 tips to make sure your holiday shopping gets safely to your door

8 tips to make sure your holiday shopping gets safely to your door

The holiday season means lots of shopping— and whether it’s presents for loved ones, ingredients for parties, or decorations to make your house just a little more festive, much of that shopping takes place online. Online shopping doesn’t end when you press ‘Buy’ – it only ends when you get your purchases in your hands and under the tree or in that stocking.

With all of those packages being delivered, it's more important than ever to take extra steps to make sure you get all of your packages (especially those presents!) without a hitch.

Here are 10 easy steps you can take to protect your parcels:

1. Track your packages and use delivery alerts

Track your parcels online or, when available, sign up for delivery alerts to know approximately when they arrive so you can make sure that someone’s home to receive them.

If you order from multiple shops, make a list of all your tracking numbers, so that you don’t have to look through the myriad of shipping confirmation emails in your inbox when you want to track your orders and check them off when they’re safely in your hands.

2. Choose packaging that conceals what’s in the box, if available

If you're shopping on Amazon, for qualified purchases, you can opt for basic packaging that doesn't give away the contents of your shipment. When you're checking out, choose "Ship in Amazon packaging," an option that doesn't cost extra. You can find more info here

3. Get a video doorbell

Smart devices, like the Ring Video Doorbell, let you answer your door and protect your packages no matter where you are. The Ring app alerts you when the doorbell’s sensors detect motion, like parcels being delivered, or when someone presses the call button. And, with two-way talk, you can chat with the delivery person, and ask them to place your goods in a more hidden area.

4. Add delivery instructions

When ordering packages online, if possible, add delivery instructions that inform the driver to place the package in a safer spot that's out of view. And if that area is on the side or in the back of your house, make sure to add a Ring outdoor security camera there too to be able to check on your parcel until you can pick it up.   

5. Get to know your delivery person

Not all security is high tech. When it comes to making your neighbourhood safer, it helps to get to know your local delivery persons, who can be extra vigilant when delivering your parcels if they notice something seems off at your home.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take a few moments to extend your thanks to them for all their hard work, especially during the holidays. Given all of the gift shopping, they are busier than ever making sure your holiday goods arrive safe and secure. 

6. Don’t let your packages sit for too long 

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you can contact the delivery service to put all of your deliveries on hold or redirect to wherever you’re spending the festive season. This ensures that your packages will be kept in a secure place until you return home, giving you peace of mind even while you are away. 

7. Work with your neighbours to make your community safer

During the year, and especially around the holidays, take the time to connect with your neighbours. Let them know when you're planning to be out of town and when visitors are coming, so they'll be more aware of any unusual activity. 

8. Make it clear your home is protected

After you add the extra layers of smart security to your home with Ring Video Doorbell and cameras, put up the Ring Solar Security Sign and window security stickers around your property to let your visitors and your community know that it’s protected. 

This festive period, use these tips and Ring devices to help make sure your deliveries are protected and your home and neighbourhood are safe. Check out some of our latest offers here. With Ring, you're always home. 

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