Check in on your Pets from Anywhere with Ring.

Check in on your Pets from Anywhere with Ring.

Over the past year and a half, we have spent more time at home with our four-legged friends than ever before. Unsurprisingly, this appears to have had an effect on how our pets fit into our daily lives. According to recent research conducted by Ring in the UK1, only around a quarter2 of those surveyed admitted that in the pre-pandemic past they had cancelled plans because they were worried about leaving their pets at home.

During lockdown, the bonds with our pets inevitably grew stronger and this seems to have had a long term effect on how we think about their welfare. Now that lockdown restrictions have eased, the number of pet owners who would cancel plans because they don’t want to leave pets home alone has shot up to almost half3, with 18-34 year-olds being the most likely to abandon plans in favour of quality time at home with four-legged friends4. For some of us this goes even further, with nearly one in seven5 saying they would invest in a home security device so they can have peace of mind, knowing they can check in on their pets when they’re away from home.

The freedom to spend more time out of the house and return to the office has led many of us to look for new ways to stay connected with our pet pals when they have to be left at home. Ring Security Cameras are a great way to stay connected and protect your pets too. With HD Live View and Two-Way Talk, our indoor and outdoor Security Cameras let you see, hear and speak to your pets from anywhere. Whether you want to keep them company or just keep them out of mischief, there’s a Ring Security Camera to suit your needs.

For pets that preside inside, Ring Indoor Cam is the ideal device for keeping an eye on what they are up to around your home. Small in size but big on peace of mind, Indoor Cam can be placed almost anywhere and its simple plug-in installation means you’ll be set to protect in no time. With an Indoor Cam installed, you can check in from your home office next door and make sure the sofa is still in one piece. 

If your pet likes to lounge in the living room or get out in the garden, Ring Stick Up Cam Battery helps you keep an eye on pampered pooches and friendly felines, wherever they like to roam. Versatile enough to go inside or out and with a wire-free design, Stick Up Cam Battery can be put where you need it, moved when you need to and is a flexible way to look out for your pets. 

If your pet is the outdoorsy type then Ring has you covered with a range of spotlight and floodlight-enabled outdoor Security Cameras. Hardwired for non-stop power and protection, Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus is designed for larger outdoor areas of your home, such as your driveway or garden. Plus, it features a wide-angle view and powerful motion-activated LED floodlights, so you can keep your pets in sight while they're playing out in the garden. 

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1. Research commissioned by Ring and conducted by Opinium Research, who surveyed 2,000 nationally representative UK adults (18+) between 7-10 September 2021.

2. 26% (actual figures)

3. 41% (actual figures)

4. 61% (actual figures)

5. 15% (actual figures)