Ring Announces End-to-End Encryption; Privacy, Security and User Control Updates

Ring Announces End-to-End Encryption; Privacy, Security and User Control Updates

At Ring, privacy, security, and user control are foundational to everything we do. This includes designing our products with features that keep those principles front and centre. It also means always striving to innovate and invent new and better ways to uphold customer privacy and security, and give users control over their devices and personal information.

Earlier this year we launched Control Centre, a feature in the Ring app that lets you manage important privacy and security settings, such as video sharing and linked accounts, from one simple, easy-to-use dashboard. Shortly after the launch of Control Centre, we made two-step verification a requirement for all users, and we’ve seen the industry follow suit.


Announcing End-to-End Encryption

We’re proud to continue delivering on our privacy and security commitment. Today we’re announcing that, later this year, Ring will be one of the first in the smart home security space to offer video End-to-End Encryption to our customers. This builds on our foundation of existing security features, including encrypting all videos in storage and during transmission— which already applies to all Ring customers’ videos—and offers an additional, advanced layer of privacy and security protection. Beginning today, you can visit the new Video Encryption page in Control Centre for more information about how your videos are currently being protected. Once End-to-End Encryption is available, you will be able to enable the feature for one or multiple compatible Ring devices from Control Centre — at no additional cost. 

It’s been our core belief that only you should be able to choose who sees your videos. With End-to-End Encryption, your videos will be encrypted on the Ring camera, and you will be the only one with the special key (stored only on your mobile device) that can decrypt and view your recordings.


Additional User Control Updates

End-to-End Encryption and our new Video Encryption page in Control Centre are just two of the privacy and security updates we’ve been working on over the last several months. Also available today, if subscribed to a Ring Protect recording plan, you can adjust how long your Ring videos are stored in the cloud — giving you the ability to control when your videos are automatically deleted.

As we continue to prioritise developing features that enhance user control over devices and information, we look for ways to provide customers with even more peace of mind. Some of the latest security improvements we’ve rolled out include enhanced password protections and requirements, including email notifications when credentials are changed.

Across all of our products, our guiding pillars remain to provide you – our customers – with privacy, security and control over your devices and personal information. We will continue inventing and raising the bar for you so we can fulfil our commitment to help keep your home and Ring account secure and protected.