Ring’s Best Year Yet: Delivering More Security & Safety for Neighbors Than Ever Before

Ring’s Best Year Yet: Delivering More Security & Safety for Neighbors Than Ever Before

Last year on April 12th, we announced that Amazon acquired Ring.

When we joined forces with Amazon, we were met with the means to provide our neighbors with even more resources to protect their homes and neighborhoods. I am very excited to say that working with Amazon over the past year has enabled Ring to rapidly increase our rate of innovation: we delivered more value and more home security tools to our neighbors (what we call our customers) in the past year than any year prior.

In the last year, Ring made an incredible 19 product announcements, including Ring Stick Up Cam, Ring Smart Lighting, and the launch of a free crime and safety app, Neighbors. In addition to product launches, we’ve also introduced new integrations with Amazon Alexa, providing added value for our customers. For example, users can view their Live Views from Ring Doorbells and Cams on compatible Echo devices by asking Alexa. Importantly, being a part of Amazon also means we are able to leverage their team of world-class security experts who help improve the security of our products every day.

We started working with Amazon in 2016 on various projects, and every year since, they have proven to be the best partner we could ask for. Ring’s speed of innovation in a single year is a testament to our shared dedication to furthering our mission and delivering value to our customers every day.

As we look back on the past year’s accomplishments, we’re honoring our achievements the Ring way. Instead of celebrating our 1-year acquisition close anniversary with a company party, we’re putting that budget towards furthering our mission by donating to Hollenbeck PAL, a nonprofit committed to nurturing young people to become responsible, productive and law-abiding citizens. This donation is a continuation of our pledge to bringing safety to all neighborhoods.

Looking forward, I’m filled with a sense of excitement and our team is energized to continue making a positive impact on our homes, our neighborhoods, and the world. With our amazing neighbors, our hard-working talented team laser focused on furthering our mission of reducing crime in neighborhoods, and the backing and expertise of Amazon behind us, it’s now time to get back to work. At Ring, we will not celebrate until we have improved the safety and security of every single neighborhood around the world.


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