This Halloween, Make Your Home a Haunted House

This Halloween, Make Your Home a Haunted House

For many of us, our favorite Halloween traditions, from costume parties to trick-or-treating, will look different this year. With help from Ring, you can turn your home from run-of-the-mill to run for the hills!

Feeling goosebumps already? Great! Let’s get started.


Give your home a frightfully festive look

For home security fit for a haunted house, first, make sure your front door is appropriately adorned by adding a ghoulish Halloween faceplate to your Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus. This way you can get home security fitting for a haunted house.

Bring out the bone-chilling sounds

Halloween isn’t just about scary sights, it’s also about eerie, ghostly, bone-chilling sounds. Ring can help you add extra frights with haunting Chime tones like creaking doors, howling winds and cackling witches.

Not only will you be able to see if there's someone at the door, you can also set the Halloween mood everywhere inside your home. Here's some examples:


Witch Cackle


Creepy Laugh 


Now that will send shivers up everyone’s spine!


Make  your family jump!

Halloween isn’t just about the treats – it’s also about the tricks! With the help of Ring, you can play hilarious pranks on your entire household. Here a few ideas to get you started...

When your family and friends aren’t looking, step outside to knock and run your Ring Video Doorbell, leaving a pumpkin or faux creepy crawler in your place. When your family checks their Ring app to see who’s at the door, it will be sure to give them a fun fright!

Stage a scary scene, like Joey, who “pretended to be attacked by [a] giant Halloween four-foot spider” to give his wife Ariana a little show while she was taking a break at work. “I looked at it and I just started dying laughing,” Ariana said.



Share the fun

Even though things will be different this year, nothing can stop you from bringing your favorite haunted house spooks and festive Halloween moments to life at home.

Got an eerie video? Send it to and perhaps we'll highlight your Haunted Home on Facebook!